November featured blogger Chic on the Cheap

4758732075_ae29012321_bIt’s finally November and I can now introduce you to a blogger I’ve been stalking following for… oh, heck, a long time! Chic on the Cheap is an inspiration blog with great photography and cute, affordable outfits. Lyddie Gal is open about how she spends her money, her clothing budget (if she breaks it!) and how she manages to look fashionable and fearless all the time.

So, without further ado, read all about Chic on the Cheap!

Describe your blog in three words:
Today I wore…

How would you describe your style?
Quirky trying to be classic.

Who/what are your style inspirations?
Lately I’ve been getting tons of inspiration from other bloggers, and I always think it’s fun and interesting to see how trends travel amongst the fashion blogger community – everything from they way the ends of belts are looped to how we wear our hair. Every time I see someone trying something new, I have to do it myself!

4987945865_cb27ae685f_bWhat are your three favorite items in your closet?
My leopard pencil skirt, floral cardigan, and bubble hem dress – but wait – what about shoes?!

What outfit or item would you purchase if money was no object?
I think it would be more about where I would shop. I would love to be able to walk into somewhere like saks 5th ave and head up to the shoe floor and just buy a pair, without a care about how much they cost.
Also I’d love to know if my theory that $700 heels are magically 100x more comfortable to wear than $40 heels is true.

What is your favorite magazine?
It would have to be Lucky, since it’s the only one I currently subscribe to. I like that they have very attainable looks and even some things I can actually afford.

5002491979_fc05eeb76a_bWhy did you decide to start a fashion blog?
I thought it would be fun to have a creative outlet, and when I started getting readers I loved posting outfits and getting to show them to people who were actually interested. (Unlike, oh say, coworkers.)

What is the hardest part about blogging?
Trying to keep up with everyone else. When I started blogging, I followed about 10 blogs. Now it’s somewhere upwards of 200, and I often spend several hours each day reading through new posts.
Even thought it’s something I want to, and enjoy doing, I start to feel guilty if I haven’t gotten to someone in a few days.

What is the easiest part about blogging?
Reading comments 🙂

4569725079_96af30021f_bWhat has blogging taught you?
How to be a shopaholic.
And maybe now it’s trying to teach me how not to be a shopaholic. It’s a work in progress.

What fall trend are you excited for?
I’m anxious to layer my faux fur vest over my leather jacket!

What fall trend are you dreading?
I’m not a fan of the midi-skirt. I feel like only the really tall girls can pull it off.
(So yes, you look fab in the Anthro skirt.) <— LOL! 🙂

4736677641_83be94c0c0_bAre there days where you’d rather not take photos? What do you do on those days?
There have been many days when I haven’t taken photos. Last year especially, I only took photos a few times a week.
But now I force myself to get dressed and get out there. Even if I’d been in PJs until 3 pm that day.

How has your style evolved over the years?
I’ve become much more willing to try new styles and ways of wearing clothes — before the fashion blog, did you ever belt a scarf, or wear a dress as a top? Because I certainly didn’t! I’ve also stopped wearing pants/jeans five days a week.
My three biggest changes are probably, high heels (anything above 2″ used to scare me), horizontal stripes (“I’ll look enormous if I wear those!”), and pencil skirts (I’m too curvy).

Have you always been interested in fashion/clothes, or did you have to learn to like it?
When I was little I loved making clothes for my dolls, and then I started making clothes for myself; and I’ve always been very interested in the consumer end of the fashion industry, but it’s only recently that I’ve given a second thought to a fashion designer, or what goes on in New York during September.


What piece of advice would you give a beginning fashion blogger?
Write things you would enjoy reading. Take photos that make you happy. Buy a tripod. (Don’t buy a cheap one.)

Do you think you’ll still be blogging in five years?
I’d like to say yes; I’ve found the past two years to be very gratifying. I am always amazing at how large, and how welcoming the fashion blogging community is. I’ve learned and evolved a lot, and hopefully will continue to do so.

To date, what has been your favorite post to write and why?
I wrote an April Fool’s post on Crocs as being just as stylish as they more expensive clogs trending at the time (or still trending) and there were a few people who actually thought I was being serious! I couldn’t decide if I should be flattered or offended, but I was howling with laughter.

Anything else you’d like to add?
Thanks so much for featuring me Suze, love you and Miss Vinyl Ahoy, and your Anthro necklace DIYs – which I’ve been meaning to, and need to do!


October featured blogger: Kendi Everyday

4997650020_e86150f82c_bFor October, I’d like to introduce you to Kendi, although unless you live under a rock, I’m pretty sure you’ve heard of her. Many months ago, when I actually started utilizing my Google Reader, I was surfing around to random blogs, to see what I liked. I came across Kendi Everyday. Between her humor and great fashion sense, I was hooked.

Kendi is the best friend you’ve always wanted. She tells it like it is, isn’t afraid to be herself and is such a nice person, you can’t help but adore her. She’s funny without being over-the-top, and her doodles and description of what she’s wearing make her blog one-of-a-kind.

Describe your blog in three words:
Style meets sarcasm

How would you describe your style?
Eclectic chic. (does that even make sense? I think it changes every time someone asks!)

Who/what are your style inspirations?
Bloggers for one. I live by blogging inspiration– style bloggers, fashion bloggers, street style blogs. But if we are talking celebrities — Rachel Bilson, Alexa Chung, Zooey Deschanel. Each girl epitomizes class and charm with a little bit of quirkiness thrown in.

5034573559_639347737a_bWhat are your three favorite items in your closet?
Suze — seriously? Only three? Fine.
1) a leopard print skirt 2) pair of red heels 3) a navy blazer.
(Suze’s note- wear them together!!)

What outfit or item would you purchase if money was no object?
Frye Over The Knee Boots — they are like $500. But I still think I’d cry a little at the thought of spending $500 on a pair of shoes.

What is your favorite magazine?
Lucky Magazine. It has the most realistic style for me to gain inspiration from.

Why did you decide to start a fashion blog?
I followed so many other style and fashion bloggers that I wanted to have a voice in the community too. I also was in a style rut and wanted to figure out my style and blogging seemed the best way to go about that.

What is the hardest part about blogging?
The time that I put in. I’m a bit of a perfectionist so I spend a lot of time on my blog, but the hard work is worth it if you are doing something you love.


What is the easiest part about blogging?
Making friends! I love all of the friendships I’ve made that I never would have otherwise.

What has blogging taught you? That the bigger the risk you take, the more return you will see. It has been hard to put myself out there in front of a lot of people, almost every day. Not only do I put my outfits on display but my thoughts, my opinions, and my life. But I’ve learned that the more you put yourself out there, the more people give back. The return is far more valuable than the risk.


What fall trend are you excited for?
All of the animal print that is out there to buy. I could go crazy thinking about it. The 70-year old socialite inside of me that is dying for a faux leopard fur coat this fall. That and wedge boots, I’ve been eyeing a pair since late August. 🙂

What fall trend are you dreading?
Socks with heels? Don’t hate me for this — I think it looks absolutely ADORABLE on some people. But I just can not figure out how to rock that look! Maybe I just need to go for it, but if it takes over the world, I fear I will not be able to rock that trend.

Are there days where you’d rather not take photos? What do you do on those days?
Yes, of course! This usually comes mid-week when I’m exhausted or our house is a mess or my outfit is just not happening. I either let my husband talk me into to taking photos anyways or I talk him into going and getting dinner instead.

4928335682_fcc5f0168c_o How has your style evolved over the years?
In high school, I was a lost little puppy when it came to style. I think this had to do with the fact that I didn’t know who I was or where I was going. In college, I dressed in a lot of thrifted, eclectic items — not really my style now at all. I still carry over pieces from that time because I loved how I dressed in college, but I think I’m too old to wear a crazy thrifted dress and copius amounts of jewelry to work (or am I?…). When I first started my career, I again was so lost and I went opposite of what I wore in college. I bought every wrong piece of clothing you can imagine because I was freaked out by my work’s dress code so I went crazy on office pants, button downs, etc. This style just didn’t work for me. Once I figured out how to dress with personality within a dress code, I was on the right path to finding my style. Now I know how to dress for my body within my budget and within HR regulations. I hope that my style will evolve with each chapter in my life.

Have you always been interested in fashion, or did you have to learn to like it?
If by fashion you mean clothes, then yes. And by interested you mean obsessed, then yes. I remember my favorite outfit when I was 5 years old! I used to cut outfits out of catalogs and create my own clothing line by pasting new tops with bottoms. I would also draw my own paper dolls and design clothes for them. So I think it’s safe to say, I was born with a love for clothing. As I got older the love for clothes never left, it just changed. It has always been a way for me to express myself, but now I do it with actual clothes not paper doll drawings or catalog cut-outs.

What piece of advice would you give a beginning fashion blogger?
Stick with it! Don’t give up, as it’s easy to do in the beginging. Do not blog for anyone other than yourself. And write what you know — your story is yours and that makes it unique and worthy to be shared.

Do you think you’ll still be blogging in five years?
I hope so! I hope that Kendi Everyday is a part of my life in some capacity in 5 years, even though I have no idea where I’ll be or what I’ll be doing.

5013837706_5585da007d_b To date, what has been your favorite post to write and why?
I think the one about dressing like what you want to be for that day. For that post I said that I felt like a museum curator and I doodled a museum scene. I liked that post — it stretched me in my writing and drawing (haha) skills.

Anything else you’d like to add? Thanks so much for the fun interview! And to those who can rock socks with heels, I’m deeply jealous.

(All photos taken, with permission, from Kendi Everyday)


September featured blogger: The New Professional

It’s not often I run across a “real” professional’s fashion blog. I say this, because most fashion bloggers are very liberal with their sartorial choices, especially if their job permits it. But, what about us few creative individuals who work in a pretty professional workplace, but still want to be creative and dress professionally, but like themselves?


That’s where Angeline of The New Professional comes in. She has a creative eye for clothing, but always dresses professional for work (even when participating in the 30 for 30 and having few pieces to chose from!). She offers tips to help you get through your work day, relate to coworkers and better manage your work life. The New Professional is a haven of information about how to mix work with fashion.

And, I’m really, really excited, because she’s my featured blogger for September (insert YAY here).

1. Describe your blog in three words.
Dress & act professionally (& is a symbol!)

2. What/who are your style inspirations?
Jennifer Aniston and Fred Astaire. Jennifer Aniston because she seems to put together looks that are simple but really nice, and Fred Astaire because he always looked so dapper (plus he always had colorful socks–always have a surprise!).

3. What are your three favorite things in your closet?
Black pencil skirt–it goes with everything!

Brown tweedy pants–super comfy.

Navy cowl-neck shell–basic but not boring.

4. What outfit or piece of clothing would you buy if money was no object?
An extravagant Ralph Lauren evening gown. ::swoon:: I love this gold one:

5. What are your top five favorite stores to shop at?
Hmm…that’s hard since I’m on the Great American Apparel Diet and shopping is the last thing on my mind these days. But I’d say (in no particular order):
Ross/Marshall’s for everything, Target for shoes and basic tanks and tops, Banana Republic/BR Outlet for pants and dresses, LOFT for skirts and tops, Macy’s for outerwear and shoes.

6. Who is your style icon and why?
I can’t really think of one (please don’t take away my fashion blog!). I’d like to think it’s all those women who juggle a career, family, and social life, and still manage to look put together without shopping themselves into debt. It’s all about how you wear it.

7. What has been your favorite blog post to write?
Well, it’s one of three: the one about making yourself indispensable, the one about choosing art, or the one about personal planners. I find that my advice posts are generally more personal and enjoyable…I am oddly passionate about professional behavior and development.

8. Where do you see yourself in five years?
Honestly…I have no idea, except I’ll probably have a kid. We’ll be moving to a different state next year when my husband finishes his PhD and finds a professor job, and I haven’t quite figured out what I’m going to do yet. I could definitely see myself being happy in a job similar to what I have now (communications manager/magazine editor), but I could also see myself doing a number of other things. My running joke is that if we move to a small town, I’m opening my own cupcake/cookie shop, but I have to learn to make good frosting first. I’ll probably reassess the blog after I move and figure out what I’ll be doing.

9. Why did you decide to start a blog?
I’ve always enjoyed the creative outlet a blog can be (helllooooooo, I’m a writer!), and it’d been a few years since I stopped my last blog. I was reading a bunch of design blogs, which led to reading fashion blogs, but I couldn’t relate to most of the clothing I saw–short floral dresses, heels everyday (not just at work), or more couture looks. I’d been working in office environments since my junior year of college, and had accumulated a lot of thoughts and opinions on professional topics as well, so that got worked in to make the blog more of a resource for readers. I let the idea stew for about a year before I started the New Professional in March. It allowed me to really consider the focus and format of the blog. I think having that vision laid out from the get-go was really helpful.

10. Anything else you’d like to share?
One unexpected perk of blogging is the blogging community. I think that’s been the best part…getting to “meet” loads of beautiful, fashionable women from diverse walks of life. You ladies are awesome!


August featured blogger: Style Underdog

I don’t remember how I found Style Underdog… I think she found me. But however it happened, it’s been really fun! I adore her style and her attitude. She’s never afraid to ask for help (if she needs it), or to talk about pizza, carpool duty or anything else going on in her life. She’s always herself, which is amazing.

1. Describe your blog in three words:
well accessorized minimalist

2.  Who/what are your style inspirations:
I prefer people on the street more than anything else.  There are so many shapes, sizes, and cultures out there to grab inspiration from.  Where I live there isn’t much to go on.  Everyone looks and dresses the same, it’s like a style-void bubble.  Since that is the case, I rely heavily on street style blogs and all the creativity these blogs show me.  I love it that anything goes, characters welcomed.

3.  Name three of your favorite things in your closet:
My friends tell me I have certain signature items, a trench, 4 inch pumps, and too many bracelets.  However, my three favorites are classic tomboy items, my leather jacket, hanes v neck tees, and my husband’s jeans.  It’s funny that I’ve never worn them together for a post.  I should do that soon.

4. If money were no object, what one thing would you buy?
If money was no object I would buy ONE of every piece in Isabel Marant’s or The Row’s most recent collections.  That’s ONE, isn’t it?  I would own these beauties forever.  Totally worth it.

5.  What are your top five stores to shop at?
I’m not sure if there my favorite but they are the ones I frequent most often.  Let’s see:
Banana Republic:  For pants.  They fit my rectangular body very well.
Macy’s:  For shoes.  Macy’s has the best shoe sales.  $36 for a pair of Michael Kors?  Are you kidding me?
Target:  For v neck tees and my favorite man shirts.  Target is opened early and that really works well for my carpool duty schedule.
H&M:  For up to the minute items.
Zara:  same as H&M

I really wish there was a TopShop here.

6.  Who is your style icon?
Style Icon is such a strong word.  These women are more of a Style Mentor.
Carine Roitfeld of French Vogue:  I want to dress like her in 10 years.
Emmanuelle Alt of French Vogue:  I want to dress like her now.
Kate Lanphear of Elle US:  I used to dress like her 20 years ago. (Notice my hair?)
Anna Della Russo:  I’ve never dressed like her but I love what she does.  She is so unexpected.

As for movie stars, I really enjoy Angelina Jolie’s simple style.  When you have a face as striking as her’s, everything else should be keep to a minimal.  I like that.

7.  What has been your favorite blog post to write so far?
Here again, it’s not my favorite but it is the most powerful to me personally, Sugar Coated Pill.
I wrote it after a very hard week and I was hurting and needed some kind, encouraging words.  The blogging community stepped up and blew me away with their kind words and support.  I will never forget it.

8. Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
Really?  In 5 years I will be waving hello to 50.  Yes, 50.

9. Why did you chose to start a blog?
A few years ago, my best friend CHICago and I would meet for coffee 3 times a week.  We would discuss what we were wearing, what other people were wearing, and what the people in magazines were wearing.  Sometimes we had time to go shopping.  It was a great time.  A year and half ago, CHICago moved to Chicago and I missed the dialogue we used to have.  I no longer had anyone to dress for (work didn’t count).  In need of something stylish to look at, I surfed the internet and stumbled onto The Satorialist.  My appreciation of style blogs began.  I thought about starting one for awhile after that.  If I did, I would finally have something to dress for and CHICago could see what I was wearing instead of trying to describe it over the phone or showing my outfit on SKYPE.  Finally, one night while I was out to dinner with friends, my good friend Matt started persuading me with a loud voice to do something with my “styling abilities”.  Matt more or less bullied me into it.  I started my blog the next day and bought a camera two days later.  Matt takes all the credit for my blog by the way.

10.  Would you like to share anything else?
Let’s see, for my 40th birthday my friends had a star named after me.  I will be shining until the universe ends.


Featured blogger for June: Kookulai

When trying to decide who I wanted to be my featured blogger for June, I decided on someone who found me through a comment I left on another blog, whose style, attitude and passion I truly admire.

I’m pleased to introduce Alya from Kookulai as my June featured blogger.

She has fabulous style, great post titles and always infuses her personality into her posts. She’s always true to herself, which is something I really admire.

1. Describe your blog in three words. Much needed outlet.

2. What/who are your style inspirations? This is such a hard question! I never go for a person, whether it be someone famous or another blogger when answering this, because I seem to gather ideas more often from the positioning of my surroundings in a very simple, base way. An example being something like purple flowers against a red barn – that sort of image would make me realize that the two colors actually look good when paired together and strive to try it with clothing. The end result is far removed from the inspiration, of course, but that’s the fun of it, for me.

3. What are your three favorite things in your closet? First and foremost, my Jessica Simpson wedges, of course! I bought them for $10 so many years ago but wear them constantly.
Second, I am in absolute love with the J Crew long, merino wool cardigans I bought last season. I wish I had one in every color. They’re so lightweight and the right length to pair with just about anything.
I also quite like my high-waisted, pleated and cropped trousers though I was pretty adverse to pants before buying them. What a single item can do…

4. What outfit would you buy if money was no object?
Obviously, any girl in her right mind will pick Louboutin shoes and I am no exception!
Otherwise, even with an imaginary unlimited budget, I’m easy to please. I appreciate runway looks but don’t ever feel the urge to translate them for everyday wear. I like simplicity and neutrals – I’d love to put those sandals with a dress like this
and some black accessories: A belt, long necklaces, big cocktail ring

5. What are your top five stores to shop at?
Old Navy provides most the basics in my wardrobe while Forever 21 takes care of anything trendy, and their inability to make an appropriate length hem for someone of my height is perfect because I actively seek out borderline inappropriate mini skirts. I always find shoes for a good price in Marshall’s, love J Crew for investment pieces; I have to remind myself that the store is out of my normal price range, but I will spring for the things I really love like the cardigans mentioned above. And I think it goes without saying I love thrift stores! I always find the best belts and printed shirts to add what is lacking to my closet.

6. Favorite style icon?
Though it is not able to be duplicated by the masses, I adore Lady Gaga’s completely insane fashion choices. She does whatever she wants and whether is looks good or not I will defend every single outfit for that reason alone.

7. What was your favorite blog post to write?
The recent post where I finally got “real” was the most satisfying and therefore my favorite to write, because I feel like the blog up until that point was an inaccurate representation of me. Somewhat ironic perhaps since little of it pertained to the blog’s main point, what I’m wearing. I think most style/fashion bloggers infuse their social and personal lives with their outfit posts, but I think an overriding theme is leaving out unpleasant details. It is very unpleasant for me to admit to having problems with addiction and leading a self-destructive life, yet to withhold that information is tantamount to lying, at least in my mind. I think it turned many people off since bloggers are routinely referred to in these type of features as sweet, adorable, cute, etc. and I finally made it clear that despite what you see, the reality is much different. I am satisfied with my choice though it did not paint me in the best light, and feel a great sense of relief for my confession.

8. Where do you see yourself in five years?
In five years I plan to calm myself down considerably and have a teaching position, which is what I went to school for, though I will probably maintain a part-time position in a restaurant. I also am very interested in writing and would hope by then that I am successful with that as well. All my debauchery will make for quite a memoir, I believe.

9. Anything else you’d like to share?
Nobody has ever questioned the name of my blog, which I find odd. But otherwise, just that I am flattered to be chosen as a featured blogger, and I really enjoyed answering the questions. Thank you so much!


Featured Blogger for May: Grit and Glamour!

I’m proud to announce my featured blogger for May,

V. from Grit and Glamour!

I was introduced to her blog through Cher. I have to say I’m very impressed with her outfits and her posts. I look at her fashion as a great inspiration to someone like me who’s trying to figure out how to mix stuff together and get out of their comfort zone.

She also writes other non-fashion posts, like her recent post “What You Didn’t Know About Your Hairdresser.” She’s a great writer, with great clothes. (I want to raid her closet!!)

1. Explain your blog in three words
According. To. V.

2. What/who are your style inspirations?
My style inspiration comes from bits and pieces I see in real life, as well as from online sources, magazines, and celebrity photos. I might build a look around a single piece, or a feeling I have—sometimes I’m feeling rebellious, other times I might feel old Hollywood, red-lipstick glam. In terms of style stalking, Sarah-Jane Clarke and Heidi Middleton of Sass & Bide have epic, sick style. I worship at their feet. I also love today’s Victoria Beckham, Dita Von Teese, and Diane Kruger. And of course, the one-and-only Tom Ford.

3. What are your three favorite things in your closet?
Dolce Vita “Crystal” suede studded sandals, my black Witchery Mongolian lamb vest from Australia, and my leather-and-brass harness by Sass & Bide, also from Australia. Um, let’s make it four. Never was good at sticking to the rules. My Aldo thigh-high boots. Love those.

4. What outfit would you buy if money was no object?
I’d beg Tom Ford to make (again, just for me) the white dress and gold fur-trimmed sandals featured in the Gucci fall/winter 2004 ad campaign. Tom Ford’s best collections for Gucci were 2003 and 2004, and they absolutely haunt me to this very day. Then I’d beg Tom to let me into his world—in that dress—for one night. Martinis, swanning, and schmoozing with him as my date. That’s the fashion fantasy I’d use my money to buy.

5. What are your top five stores to shop at? (you can say for what pieces/ why)
1. BCBG for everything: shoes, dresses, accessories, separates.
2. Nordstrom mostly for shoes and accessories, but I also like the array of office-appropriate attire and the killer return policy.
3. Old Navy for basics like cargo pants, hoodies, tank tops, plain string bikinis.
4. David Jones at Westfield Bondi Junction in Sydney, Australia. It has everything I love: the Foodhall (think Dean & Deluca, on steroids), Sass & Bide, Witchery, and other Aussie faves all under one roof.
5 Neiman Marcus for high-end designers and my can’t-live-without beauty cream, Creme de la Mer.

6. Do you have any advice for others looking to start writing their own blog?
I’ve been blogging for four years, and only last year did I figure out the direction I wanted to head in. So my advice to those looking to start a blog is just do it. Write, and write often. There are millions of blogs these days, so while I think wanting to be the next superstar blogger is a great goal, the best thing is to blog about what you love and do best.

Don’t go crazy on the ads. My biggest peeve is blogs that are riddled with all kinds of ads, especially animated ones. I have two. I may consider future offers from advertisers, but I have very rigid requirements. In fact, this is the first year I’ve included any sort of advertising.

Spellcheck and proofread. The occasional typo happens, but you cannot maintain credibility if posts are regularly full of grammar and spelling errors. And if you don’t know which platform to use, go for WordPress. I’ve tried almost all of them. It’s the smartest.

Finally, if you build it, and build it well, they will come.

7. What was your favorite blog post to write?
Curiously, it wasn’t even a fashion-related post. I had a blast recalling the conversation that prompted “Everything You Wanted to Know About Kanon’s Cohones But Were Afraid to Ask.” Sometimes truth really IS stranger than fiction!

8. Anything else you want to share?
For more grit, more glamour:
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Featured blogger for April: Pixie in Pumps!

I’m excited to introduce my featured blogger for April,

Jenni from Pixie in Pumps!

Jenni of Pixie in Pumps

I have no idea how I found her blog, but I’ve loved it since I found it. From her stylish clothes (and shoes) to her pretty red curly hair (jealous!), Jenni knows how to throw together an awesome look. Here’s her interview, and please check out her blog! I bet you’ll find it as awesome as I do! And, anyone that answers #4 with just a pair of shoes is pretty fricken amazing!

Onto the interview!
Jenni of Pixie in Pumps

1. Explain your blog in three words

Daily outfit posts

2. What/who are your style inspirations?

I am inspired by all kinds of things and people.  As far as people Stacy London, Sarah Jessica Parker, Jacqueline Kennedy, Rachel McAdams, Audrey Hepburn, Kate Spade.  I especially love that book Kate Spade wrote called Style, there are so many little tips and tidbits in there that inspired me to look at pieces of my wardrobe differently.  Old classic movies and photos from the 50s and 60s.  And shoes often inspire my outfits.  I could go on and on about what inspires my style… but maybe I’ll elaborate soon in a post for you.

3. What are your three favorite things in your closet?

Mmmm… this is an excellent question.  I think I’d have to say These shoes that once were my grandmother’s in the 50s, that she gave to me a few years ago, in mint condition!  And then this Lilly Pulitzer dress that just screams spring to me and my Cher Skirt from ModCloth.
For Suze 1
For Suze 3
For Suze 2

4. What outfit would you buy if money was no object?

That’s easy… its not even an outfit, just a single pair of shoes.
Christian Louboutin - Studio Shoes

5. What are your top five stores to shop at?

Ann Taylor LOFT, ModCloth.com, Lilly Pulitzer, and Target all for clothes and Marshall’s for shoes.  Though I do a fair amount of vintage shopping on Etsy and Ebay.

6. Do you have any advice for others looking to start writing their own blog?

If you’re going to start blogging, blog for yourself.  Make sure that you really want to do this because if you start blogging for comments or followers or to get cool swag then you’re going to get discouraged well before any of that happens.  And just be you.  Don’t try to make yourself sound more interesting or change your style to be like other people you see posting… people who read your blog don’t want to see a copy of someone else, they want to see you.

7. What was your favorite blog post to write?

So far the pin-up post has been my favorite.  But I know the upcoming post about my closet is going to be my favorite.  It’s been a lot of fun to work on, and I can’t wait to show off all of my hard work I’ve put into my closet!

8. Anything else you want to share?

I’m counting down the days till NFL football season starts up again.  =)

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Featured blogger: Shoe-a-day

I’ve decided to start a new feature here where I’ll feature one of my favorite bloggers, or a new blogger I’ve discovered each month.

For my first month I’ve decided to feature the blogger who got me started, encourage me through EVERYTHING and has been my biggest supporter.

Cher from Shoe-a-day.


Obviously you had to know this was coming. Cher is my best friend, so I had to feature her first. She’s the reason I started this blog, after all.

To go along with my new feature, I’ve asked Cher a few questions so you guys can all get to know her too:

1. Explain your blog in three words

I. Love. Shoes.

2. What are your style inspirations?

Everything inspires me! The seasons, colors, posters, movies, books, expensive shoes, clothes, cats, pretty much everything.

3. What are your three favorite things in your closet?

I like my new muse dress, my Betsey Johnson shoes, and my fish earrings.

Cher's top 3

4. What outfit would you buy if money was no object?

5. What are your top five store to shop at?
Forever 21 for shoes and trendy clothes. H&M for clothes. Banana Republic and J.Crew for classic staples that will last for a long time and are worth the investment and Spring Shoes for, well, SHOES!!

6. Do you have any advice for other looking to start writing their own blog?
Just start doing it. Write about something you actually are interested in, like shoes. I don’t really care about clothes too much, but shoes I LOVE. Just start writing. Try to read everything else you can that is out there and comment on other blogs. Make friends!

7. What was your favorite blog post to write?
The Oscars shoe one, because it involved some serious sleuthing to find out who wore what shoes, especially since there were so few pictures of them with the shoes.

8. Anything else you want to share?
I like sparkles, LOL.

If you’d like to be considered to be my featured blogger of the month, drop me an email and let me know why at smooreink@gmail.com