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Thanks to the torrential downpour yesterday, everything is flooded! So, no outfit post for you guys today. Unless you check out my guest post at Sarah’s blog, and she loved. That’s where you’ll find my summery outfit!

Still a few more days to enter the Acute Designs giveaway! And, if you’re interested, you can still shop my closet.


The weather still stinks

May 19, 2011

It’s mid-May. I’m wearing tights. What’s wrong with this picture?

Another borrowed top from Liz (don’t worry, I’m wearing my own clothes too. Just on crappy days, apparently!). I swear, her clothes get me all sorts of compliments. This time, I was buying cat food (hey, Loafy’s gotta eat!), and the girl in front of me turns around and asks, “is that a dress?”
I laugh, say no, it’s a top and skirt, and she tells me how cute my outfit is. Mind you, I take her opinion to heart because she had Kat like pink hair, so I obviously believed her.

Did you know I once had hot pink hair? Yup. Back in college, in between the red and purple phases.

I found this great photo area by the side parking lot at Jcpenny’s. I was talking (again) to Liz, discussing my need for varying my outfit taking locations. Then I stumble across this place and was sold by the presence of this duck. Love it.


The one with the compliments

128_6985 copy
This is my living room. The cats have a tent, I have a framed picture of them on the wall, and we collect pop cans (10 cent return!!). Welcome to my apartment (thanks crappy weather!!).

I don’t think I’ve ever had an outfit get as many compliments as this one did. Everyone loved the top (thanks Liz), and the skirt (again, thanks Liz!). But I think the best part was that it’s such a springy outfit and Michigan insisted on 45 degree weather all day long. I didn’t even get to wear a coat! (Forgive me for assuming it will be at least 60 degrees in mid-May.)

So, as you’ve probably read on my twitter, or Liz’s blog, we hung out on Saturday. Yup, drove through this:
storms on my way to Ohio

With this:

To see her:
Liz in Target

And you know what? So much flippin’ fun. Liz is exactly who I thought she’d be. We were calling dibs on each other’s purchases throughout the day, trying to figure out how long it would take me to get to her house (I’m crashing on her couch next time), and we were arguing about who’s a more picky eater. Liz won.

In the midst of all that, we swapped clothes. If you head over to Liz’s blog today, you can see my diamond print Anthropologie skirt on her (I have a feeling I might not get it back).


Meet Elisa from Styled by U


Meet Elisa, from  Styled by U. I found her blog from a tweet Tieka sent out.

Basically, you suggest an outfit (or two) to Elisa; she photographed her entire wardrobe and listed it on the blog. Her goal is to have outfits styled by you, the reader. I suggested one to her, not knowing if it would even work, and it did!

Elisa joined me for a quick interview, to give you guys more information, so you can rush over and style an outfit for her!

Why did you decide to start this blog?
I decided to start the blog because I LOVE style blogs, and I can spend an inordinate amount of time scouring through them… so that eventually I decided I wanted to have my own.
However, I’m quite frugal and although I feel that I have a good sense of style (as in, I can pinpoint what looks good on others), I don’t think I have a very trendy closet. So I figured that if I wanted to showcase stylish outfits from a not-terribly-stylish closet without spending money on a whole wardrobe overhaul, I was going to have to put some very creative outfits together.

Problem is, I think I’m kind of conservative and think-inside-the-box a little too much when it comes to my outfits (I’m like the opposite of a creative remixer. I find myself in the same ol’ tried and true outfits ALL the time). So I came up with the idea of letting the creative geniuses that are found among all the style bloggers in the web contribute to my search for a more stylish version of me. So essentially it’ll the same girl, same clothes, new (fabulous) style.


What do you hope to accomplish with your blog?
I hope to accomplish a fresh take on the same boring clothing items that I find in my closet. I think that although the styles of the outfits will stem from other people’s visions, I will be able to identify with a lot of them and will be able to extract my individual style from among other people’s suggestions.

What happens if someone suggests a look that doesn’t really work? Will you change things?
Ideally, I’ll have several options to choose from on a daily basis… and if that’s the case, I’ll start selecting suggestions at random from the pool of suggestions that are placed in my comments. The good news is, I’m not easily embarrassed so hopefully that helps me rock every single outfit with confidence, even if it’s viewed as quirky to others 🙂 I want to make it that way so that I don’t select something that I would’ve thought of on my own, and get trapped in the same style rut I’m trying to get away from. So I hope to keep outfits exactly as they’re suggested, unless they’re not practical due to weather or an activity I’ll be doing that day…


How often are you hoping to post outfits?
I’m aiming to post outfits a minimum of 3 times a week… hopefully I can keep that up.

If you buy something new/get rid of something, will you replace the photos of your stuff?
I will definitely update the pictures of things I add or remove from my closet in real life 🙂



The one where I guest posted

for betsy 9
I’m guest posting today over at Betsy’s blog, Miss B Gets Dressed. I wore a very bright outfit that I’m totally in LOVE with, if you’d like to go check it out!


Conference day!


Lace top, shoes: F21
Top: Anthro
Jeans: Kenneth Cole
Watch: c/o Tikkr
Earrings: c/o Anika Burke

(See Kyla, you were there! Photographic proof!)

Amy was trying to coach me on better ways to take outfit photos in front of a bed at Bo Concepts. Obviously I failed. Amy did not.

Let’s pause and stare at Elissa’s outfit for a minute. What would you think if I told you all but the shoes were thrifted? Would you believe me? Seriously, it’s true. Elissa is the queen of thrifting. That outfit doesn’t look thrifted at all. It looks like it’s torn from the pages of a magazine.
I didn’t ask her how much (or little) it cost, but if the prices are similar to the prices here, I bet it was less than $10.
And look at that pattern mixing! Swoon.

If you haven’t already, take some time to read the recaps Erin, Elissa, Kyla and Lisa wrote up. They all have awesome photos and great stories of the weekend! (I know there are SO many more blog recaps out there- check out #txscc on twitter to read some of the updates as well.)


Ten things TxSCC taught me

This weekend taught me more than how to make my blog better, it reaffirmed my love of blogging and the knowledge that we bloggers are a special, beautiful and kind breed.

Coming to a strange state where I only know two people (and by “know” I mean we’ve met once before), and staying with bloggers I’ve never met was something I’ve never done before. I was a nervous wreck, although I think I hid it well. Of all the things that I learned at TxSCC, here are the top ten I’d like to share with you.

#1. Always wear heels. It’s an unwritten blogger rule! I swear I’m nearly the same height as Kendi (maybe 1 inch shorter) but when she wears heels and I wear flats, I look tiny. Not to mention when Bryan gets in there! (seriously- I’m 5’8″ in flats!!)

#2. Everyone gets nervous speaking in front of a crowd, no matter what size. (Katy and Jennine)

#3. Meeting new friends is one of the best parts! (me and Heather)

#4. These Dallas ladies are some of the nicest people you will ever meet (and they both have killer fashion sense!) Erin and Elissa

#5. Amy doesn’t take a bad photo (she says I’m wrong.)

#6. Katy drinks her coffee while leaning over… only if the cup’s broken though 🙂

#7. Kelsey and her husband (not pictured!) are two of the kindest people ever! They drove me to the airport this morning at FOUR AM! How awesome?!

#8. Rach and Jen are hair twins and are even more gorgeous in person.

#9. Kristina tells me my red hair is very noticeable! (Although someone told me it’s not as red in person… I think it was Kendi?)

#10. You will learn a ton during the panels.

I have tons more photos, outfit shots and candids to share with you guys throughout the week, but I wanted to let you know how much fun I had, and how I wish I could bring something like this to Michigan, or at least the Midwest. Anyone want to help me plan it?


Someone stole my blog post…

You may have noticed – I am not Suze. I’m sure our almost identical looks had you confused for a moment, but my blonde hair gave it away, didn’t it? Don’t fret, I haven’t kidnapped Suze. She’s off being fabulous at the Texas Style Conference and I’m here filling in. You might be wondering who “I” am. Maybe I should have started with that? Anyways, hi! I’m Liz from 26 and Counting. I’m a fellow style blogger, 30 for 30 veteran and, like Suze, a lover of color. Over in my little corner of the blog world, I focus on business casual wear with a kick. No, not a physical kick {I won’t hurt you, I promise}. More like a kick of color.

Today I’m here to share with you some tips and tricks for working with color in a traditional business casual office. These aren’t necessarily rules, more so just a few things I’ve learned along the way to help pull myself from the lull of wearing black day in and day out. Alright, are you ready? Let’s get started!

Suze Guest Post 4
– The Basics: Incorporating color might be a bit scary at first, so start off slow. Chances are if you working in an office setting you have basic pieces in neutrals like black, gray or brown. Start by adding one colorful piece and build from there. My go to pieces are solid tops that can work in both an office setting and on the weekend, but colored button up tops work wonders too.
Other Options: Add color with a scarf or pair of shoes. Get creative with your accessories.

Suze Guest Post 3
– Mixing Colors: Suze does wonders with mixing colors and patterns, but how do you know what colors to mix? Use in-store clothing displays, your favorite catalogs and other style bloggers for inspiration. And who says you have to stick to clothes for inspiration? Look at places like Ikea or Crate and Barrel to see what color combos they use for their displays. Or look outside your window.
Other Options: My favorite color combinations? Purple and yellow. Blue and red. Or try a monochromatic look with shades of the same color.

Suze Guest Post 2
-Adding Prints & Patterns: When it comes to prints and patterns, don’t be afraid of trying something new. Stripes are great place to start. Try adding floral prints or animal prints. Other Options: My favorite color combinations? Purple and yellow. Blue and red. Or try a monochromatic look with shades of pink or blue.
Other Options: If you’re feeling overwhelmed look for accessories with patterns or textures. One you get the hang of it, start building up to larger pieces.

Suze Guest Post 1
– Take Something Casual and Make it Appropriate for Work: I don’t know about you, but my most colorful pieces are those I wear on the weekends. Maybe I suffer from compartmentalizing my clothes but for the longest time I shied away from making casual pieces office appropriate. Have a bright tank top? Trying adding a blazer or cardigan. Have a breezy summer tunic? Try tucking it into pants or skirt to make a work ready blouse.
Other Options: If you have casual Fridays, use that as practice for mixing the two ends of your style spectrum. Or have a friend take a look at your closet. A fresh pair of eyes may put together a great outfit you overlooked.

Have any tips of your own? Leave in the comments!


Links à la Mode: November 18th (I made it!!)

links a la mode

When fashion teaches you a lesson

Edited by: Marie Denee of The Curvy Fashionista

As fashion bloggers, we are often the ones sharing and giving advice about fashion. But what happens when fashion turns the table on us and teaches us a lesson or two? From learning how to be thrifty, coping through a crisis, or the economy, these fashion bloggers took a cue from fashion’s lessons and turned them into a delicious and delectable read- and I have rounded these up for you…

Links à la Mode: November 18th

  • Almost Sober Mag: Pull It, Push It and Come Back When You Proved It: Direct experience from a newly established independent publisher: a week as a fashion editor.
  • Beyond Fabric: On the relation between Body Language and Fashion Photography
  • Dedicated Follower: To Write Love on Her Arms – I join the movement and write love on my arms in honor of a lost friend.
  • Exiled from the City: Throughout the past few years, there has been a paradigm shift in consumer variables and the function of fashion.
  • For those about to Shop: Society must take some responsibility for the dangerous obsession to be thin.
  • Freeda Style: “Appropriate Attire” Are ALL the old rules of fashion dead? Or should some survive?
  • Haute World: Grace Kelly Exhibition: How a royal style icon can teach us a lesson in thriftiness.
  • Heathers Design Blog: Musings on fashion now and fashion then, based on the exhibit “Fashioning Fashion” at LACMA.
  • Independent Fashion Bloggers: Self-Promotion 101: It’s not about you
  • LivLux Mag: ComfortZones: Even Fashionistas get insecure when trying new styles.
  • Make the World a Prettier Place: History of Fashion: The New Look (1947)
  • Miss Vinyl Ahoy: I’ve read some negative comments about the 30 for 30 challenge, and wanted to explain more of what it is and why people should care about it, from my POV.
  • Modesty Theory: Welcome to Hijabi Fashion Week- showcasing the style of Muslim women for various occasions.
  • Oh My Massila: Reflections on the crossroads between fashion and feminism.
  • Previously Owned: The tale of the “00s” Vintage and the mockery of the consumer… Are we becoming victims of the mass media?
  • RetroChick: Why Fashion isn’t Frivolous
  • Return to Sender: Sometimes life gets in the way of fashion. How I Survive A Crisis
  • Searching for Style: Fashion 101: Who Owns What. The lowdown on the big fashion conglomerates and the companies they own.
  • Socialite Dreams: Sparkly, glam shoes are a must have for the holidays! Twinkle Toes: The Holiday Shoe Guide
  • Taste and Style: Keep Being YOU.
  • The Curvy Fashionista: How to determine quality in plus size fashion


Shopbop Boots:KORS, Joie, UGG, Coclico, Frye, L.A.M.B, Hunter, Frye, DV, Ash, & 12th St.


Mini meetup in Royal Oak

On Saturday, Katelyn, Jaclyn and I met up for lunch at What Crepe? in Royal Oak. I have to say, I was totally nervous to meet these ladies. I always give weird first impressions. I tend to get a little shy and hang back because I don’t want to say the wrong thing and tick someone off. But Katelyn and Jaclyn were so nice my nervousness melted away. It was great to meet some Michigan bloggers that actually live pretty close to me.

I’ve had this dress for a bit, but waited to wear it until our meetup. I also wore heels, after spending all of Friday night in those 5 inch fake Miu Miu pumps. Big mistake. My feet STILL hurt for that!


Katelyn did tell me she expected me to wear something much more colorful than what I wore. I suppose my insane color addition gives everyone the impression that I own nothing black… But sometimes it’s nice to be unexpected! 🙂
Dress: Calvin Klein
Cardigan: Charlotte Russe
Belt: Modcloth
Shoes: Nine West
Tights: Forever 21
Necklace: Gift

We went vintage shopping and I found this great dress that reminded me of Nickelodeon slime! (wrong color though!)

I didn’t end up getting that dress, but I found another one that I LOVE and kept coming back to. I’m really excited for it!

I was also excited because I got to use Katelyn’s and Jaclyn’s awesome cameras to help them take outfit shots. Their cameras are SO much nicer than mine.

I need a new camera. (I’m pretty sure I’m telling Jaclyn that I want to take a photo of her pin in this one… That or I’m just being weird. Either is possible!)

Thanks for the photos Katelyn! 🙂


PS- today is me and Joe’s 6 year anniversary. We’ve been married for 1.5 years, but together for 6 🙂 Yup, we met on election day 2004.