The one with the anniversary

Bride and Groom
Two years ago today, Joe and I were married. About a month later, I started this blog. To celebrate, Joe agreed to finally be featured! Today is our anniversary, so after you read this, we’ll be celebrating over the yummy dinner Joe said he’d make me. (I requested breakfast for dinner. What can I say? I love me some hash browns!)

I know Joe’s been briefly mentioned here and there on the blog, but he’s never really been introduced or featured, other than in these wedding photos.

Joe and I decided to do a “what he wore” feature to showcase his style and, obviously, his hippie hair. So, this is Joe:
Shirt: Punchline concert
Jeans: Pacsun
Shoes: Vans
Coat: Pacsun, with sewed on patches
Hat: Target

He didn’t really like having his photo taken. There were people outside, watching what we were doing, and Joe just thought I was nuts for doing this (alone) pretty much everyday.


His jacket is really cool. When we met (seven years ago), it had three patches on it, and now has over 100! It’s been our weekend project. We’d go to the record store, a concert, or (in a few instances) my parent’s house. My mom and dad (before he passed) gave Joe a few patches from their car show days, which Joe proudly displays on his coat.


Does having a coat this awesome make him an honorary fashion blogger?


The thing most people notice about Joe right away is his hair. It’s longer than mine and so curly! I love it. Sometimes he lets me braid it, but I really have to beg and promise him ice cream (he loves Ben & Jerry’s).

Shirt: Macy’s
Pants: Pacsun
Shoes: mine! (seriously.)

That’s another fact you guys might be shocked to learn. My feet are SO big, Joe can wear my shoes. So, sometimes, he does! We also wear the same size pants, although I’m (obviously) curvier than he is. But sometimes I like to borrow his cords because they’re very comfy!


I know you guys have met Loafy, but this is Ruckus, Joe’s cat. She’s very skiddish and pretty much only lets Joe hold her. She hates when I pick her up.


Yup. This is who I married. And I’ve loved every minute of our two years of being married and nearly seven years of being together. He’s hilarious, awesome and I couldn’t have asked for a better husband. Sure we fight about stupid crap (I’m HORRIBLE at putting my shoes away), but we also realize when we’re being dumb.

Thanks for doing nearly ALL of the laundry in the apartment and I’m glad I could go Office Space on our vacuum so you didn’t have to. I love you Joe!