What I wore for Halloween

74021_454235584002_692029002_5551092_5986101_nLast night I went to the Boo Bash in Royal Oak Michigan, at the Royal Oak Music Theater.  I was planning to go in my Lady Gaga costume, but I couldn’t find the lace shirt! So I had to do a last-minute switch.

I’ve always wanted to dress as Columbia from Rocky Horror, so I decided to do it last night. With the quick addition of a gold hat, and wearing stuff I already owned, it totally rocked!


Sadly, only a handful of people knew who I was (many hadn’t seen Rocky Horror). I was tapped on the shoulder a few times and asked “are you from Rocky Horror?” But the best was then I was walking back to the car and the guy walking behind me (whom I didn’t know) starting singing The Time Warp! That pretty much made my night.


When I was deciding how to dress as Columbia, I realize she has very extreme makeup:
Rocky 500

I ended up using a glue stick to hide my eyebrows. Some people thought I had shaved them off, but no, they’re there, just glued down.


See? Proof!

My costume consists of:
DIY Miu Miu collar; Halloween store hat (I added the black ribbon); Express tube top; Material Girl sequin jacket; Volleyball shorts: We Love Colors socks; Forever 21 heels

BTW- with those shoes and the hat, I was about 6’3″! It was AMAZING! I was like an amazon woman.

What were you for Halloween?